Beginner Bridge – General Principles Bidding

General Principles – Bidding

  1. The first Partner who has 12+ High Card Points, “Opens” the Bidding, is called the OPENER , and makes bidding statements to Describe their Hand
  2. The Partner of the OPENER is called the RESPONDER.  The JOB of the responder, is to HELP the Opener describe their Hand.
  3. This Bidding Interaction be between OPENER and RESPONDER is a conversation.


Conversation  Example:

OPENER 1st BID: ONE CLUB ( I have 12+ points and 3+ Clubs)

RESPONDER:  Great that you Opened!  I bid ONE HEART, ( I have 4+  Hearts  and 6+ points in my Hand) Please tell me MORE about your Hand

OPENER 2nd BID: ONE SPADE, 1 have 4 Spades and my points are limited to 12-15 )

RESPONDER 2nd BID: ONE NoTrump, Sorry, we don’t have a Suit Fit.  Let’s see if we can make 7+ Tricks